Anonymous asked:

Wow, I'd really like to know in what ways you think Lavender Brown is an important character!:o

simplypotterheads answered:

Okay so, Harry Potter is filled at every corner with all of these in-your-face strong female types. You have Hermione, who is heralded as the brains, McGonagall, who’s suited for a leadership role bc her presence just automatically demands respect, Ginny, who’s fiery and has no qualms putting anyone in their place, Luna, who’s super comfortable just being herself and is very blunt, and so on and so forth. Even mean ol’ Bellatrix is a force to be reckoned with, and, while they’re all absolutely relatable at times, it’s still very easy to forget that these literally magical characters are human. And, for me, Lavender Brown is INCREDIBLY important because she brings it all crashing back down to earth. She is a teenage girl with practically all of the stereotypes applied: she is gossipy, she is clingy, she is emotional to the point of being annoying, her line of sight is narrowed by her infatuations, she gushes, she probably loved lipgloss and pink things. And I freaking love every bit of that about her, because I’ve been a 16 year old girl, and I’ve been all of those things, more than I’ve ever been a Hermione or a Luna, or even a Ginny. Even being one of the lesser fleshed out characters of the series, Lavender Brown always felt so real to me, kind of like she belonged to me, because I could see my cheesy 16 year old self grinning out at me from every page she was on. I love that Jo didn’t put all of these deeply heavy personalities on every single one of her characters, that she gave us a girl who was just as magic and just as loyal and just as kind (remember when she brought Trelawney flowers after Trelawney had been sacked?) and just as willing to fight the fight (she was a member of both the original and the reformed Dumbledore’s Army) as some of the other female characters, she just happened to prefer Teen Witch over Hogwarts: A History.

Idk, I just really really reeeaaallly love Lavender Brown. She doesn’t get nearly enough love from the fandom.